• Attitude
  • Passion
  • Celebration
  • Tradition
  • Support
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Acheivement
  • Learning
  • Healing From Trauma
  • Succeed at school
  • Navigating through Change


"Accept Change and Overcome Challenges"

Mission and Vision

Trauma-focused care is designed to help clients to understand how early adverse experiences have shaped their behavior, to learn new skills to express/manage emotions, and to develop a sense of competence and mastery for their own lives.

Level II Location:

5089 Baux Mtn Rd.

Winston-Salem, NC  27105


Our Mission and Vision are the driving forces of the dedication of the staff  and how Inspirationz, LLC operates.

Ability to establish honest and trusting relationships.

​Ability to manage behaviours.

​Coordinated Care and Case Management 

Trauma Focused

​​We service males and females 
ages 7 to 18

​​Level II and Level III

Therapeutic Residential Facili​ties

Social and Independent Living Skills 

Level III Location: 2427 Patria Street

Winston-Salem,NC 27127



Level III Location: 607 Hillhaven Drive

Winston-Salem,NC 27107



     Divine Minds
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services 18-up

        Adolescent DayTreatment Services